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How to add images to the OutlookPane? 

Article Information 

Article relates to VIBlend OutlookPane for WinForms 

How To 

Add an image to Outlook Item. 


To achieve this, follow these steps:  

1. Create a new instance of the vOutlookNavPane via drag and drop from the toolbox or create it programmatically.  

2. Create a new instance of the vOutlookItem via using the Add method of the vOutlookNavPane Items collection.  


3. In the form's constructor after the InitializeComponent method call or in the form Load event handler use the code snippet below:  

The LargeImage is displayed in the item’s header, where the SmallImage is used when the item is collapsed and displayed in status area.

4. You can also use the Outlook Pane's SmallImageList and LargeImageList properties and the Outlook Item’s SmallImageIndex and LargeImageIndex properties in order to display large and small images. To achieve this, at first you need to create two ImageList components and fill them with images. Then you need to set the SmallImageList and LargeImageList properties to point to the ImageList compontents. Finally, you should set the SmallImageIndex and LargeImageIndex properties to a value between 0 and the number of images in the ImageList.  

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