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VIBlend TabControl for Silverlight

by viblend 25. October 2010 09:41

The new version of VIBlend Silverlight Controls is coming soon.  Over the next couple of days we will share some more information about the key changes and improvements.
Based on your feedback we are adding one highly desired and very frequently used control – TabControl for Silverlight. The new control comes with all features you can expect:

  • Item Alignment 
  • Item Orientation
  • Animated Scrolling
  • Text and Image relation
  • Item Templates
  • Content Templates
  • Optional Item close buttons
  • Easy and intuitive Design-time support
  • 11 built-in themes

Here are a few screenshots of the new control:

We hope that you will like this new control.  Feel free to write us at about what can be improved and added to it.

TabControl for WinForms Updates

by viblend 3. May 2010 15:53

With version 4.6 of VIBlend Controls for WinForms, we introduced several rendering and functionality improvements and made the look and feel of VIBlend vTabControl fully customizable. You can easily add custom drawing by handling the DrawTabPage, DrawTabPageBackground and DrawTitleBackground events. The screenshot below is from our FlexibleStyling example (full source code available in C# and VB.NET):

We also added an easy way to customize the Font and Color settings of TabPage’s Header. Take a look at the code snippet and screenshot of a TabPage with green text color and bold font style.


vTabPage tabPage = this.vTabControl1.TabPages[0];
tabPage.UseThemeTextColor = false;
tabPage.UseDefaultTextFont = false;
tabPage.PressedTextColor = Color.Green;
tabPage.TextFont = new Font(tabPage.Font, FontStyle.Bold);
Dim tabPage As vTabPage = Me.vTabControl1.TabPages(0)
tabPage.UseThemeTextColor = False
tabPage.UseDefaultTextFont = False
tabPage.PressedTextColor = Color.Green
tabPage.TextFont = New Font(tabPage.Font, FontStyle.Bold)



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