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Installing VIBlend Windows Form Controls on Windows Vista

by viblend 1. November 2008 07:26

Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server and the upcoming Windows 7 include enhanced security compared to earlier Windows versions. Those of you, who are using one of these operating system, know that you are often prompted to allow or block certain actions, which applications and installation programs try to do.

The installation package for VIBlend Windows Forms Controls requires permissions in order to register the library’s DLLs within the global assembly cache (GAC). It also needs permissions to integrate the controls with the Visual Studio's toolbox. In order to perform these actions, the setup has to be executed under elevated privileges.

Follow these steps to properly install VIBlend WinForms Controls:

  1. Unzip setup.exe in an empty folder
  2. Right click on setup.exe
  3. Select 'Run as Administrator'
  4. Allow the setup to run under elevated privileges and follow the setup instructions

Again, this applies to you only if you are running Windows Vista, Windows 2008 server, or a later Windows OS with UAC (User Access Control).
If you have any questions or problems with the installation process, please, email to:

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