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VIBlend Silverlight Controls - ver. 1.5 Released

by viblend 16. January 2010 17:43

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of VIBlend Silverlight Controls ver. 1.5

The majority of the changes in this release are concentrated on making the Silverlight Grid more robust and easy to use.

Here is the list of changes:

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed CellMouseUp event raising issue
    • Fixed RowsHierarchy SummaryItems visualization issue in compact style rendering
    • Fixed intermittent headers blink issue on cells mouse click

  • New features, improvements and new APIs  

    • Added new in-place cell editor activation flag: Click on Selected Cell
    • Added Hierarchy.GetChildItemsRecursive method
    • Added HierarchyItem.GetChildItemsRecursive method
    • Added HierarchyItem.Cells property
    • Added HierarchyItem.NonEmptyCells property
    • Added CellsArea.Clear method
    • Added CellsArea.NonEmptyCells property
    • Added CellsArea.Cells property
    • Added ability to format and style HierarchyItems and grid cells entirely in XAML in data bound mode
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