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How to create a scrollable Menu in Silverlight

by viblend 8. May 2010 18:30

In case the available height is too small to accommodate a group of menu items, the group becomes scrollable.  Each menu item has a DropDownHeight and VerticalScrollBarVisibility properties. The DropDownHeight property is used to restrict the displayed height of a group of menu items, while the VerticalScrollBarVisibility property defines whether the item allows vertical scrolling or not.

The following code example demonstrates how to create a scrollable menu.


         <viblend:Menu Name="Menu" Width="400" Height="20">
                <viblend:MenuItem RootNormalForeBrush="Black" DropDownHeight="150" VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Visible" Text="File">
                    <viblend:MenuItem Text="Mail Message" ImageSource="images/mail.png"/>
                    <viblend:MenuItem Text="Note" ImageSource="images/Note.png"/>
                    <viblend:MenuItem Text="Contact" ImageSource="images/contact.png" />
                    <viblend:MenuItem Text="Appointment" ImageSource="images/Appointment.png"/>
                    <viblend:MenuItem Text="Task" ImageSource="images/Task.png" />
                    <viblend:MenuItem Text="Folder" ImageSource="images/folder.png"/>

VIBlend Menu for Silverlight is a free component that is part of the VIBlend Controls for Silverlight package.

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