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What's new in VIBlend DataGridView for WinForms?

by viblend 13. July 2010 09:20

In the latest release of VIBlend Controls for WinForms, we introduced several new features in our DataGridView control. These are the Rows Grouping panel and the Column Chooser. The main purpose of the Rows Grouping panel is to allow you to easily group/ungroup columns via a built-in drag and drop and to visually represent the grouped columns.

The Column Chooser is an additional small feature which allows you to manage the visibility of your columns.  In order to activate the column chooser, set the EnableColumnChooser property to true. To show the column chooser, use the ShowColumnChooser method. If you want to hide it, use the HideColumnChooser method.

Another improvement in the DataGridView is the extended functionality of the ComboBox and DateTimePicker editors. Their pop up controls are now automatically opened when the editor is activated.  If you want to disable this feature, you can set the AutoOpenEditorOnActivation property of the editor to false.

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