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New ChildWindow control coming to VIBlend Silverlight Controls v5.0

by viblend 21. April 2011 19:38

In the next version of VIBlend Controls for Silverlight, we will introduce a new control - Silverlight ChildWindow. The ChildWindow control allows you to direct a user’s attention to a particular activity in your application such as entering data or viewing information. This new control resembles a standard Window and can be displayed in a modal or non-modal popup. When the control is displayed in a modal mode, the interaction with the underlying user interface is blocked.

Built-In Features:

  • Animated Open and Close Effects - the window is opened and closed with a smooth animation.
  • Resizing Support - users can choose to drag edges to resize the window.
  • Modal Mode - when the window is opened in a modal mode, the end-users cannot access any part of the interface outside of the dialog.
  • Non-Modal Mode - this mode enables the end-users to access the application's user interface.
  • Startup Position - you can choose the window's startup position. By default, the window is started at the application's middle-center.
  • Minimized and Maximized states - the window can be maximized or minimized similar to the standard Windows.
  • Application Boundaries Detection - end-users cannot drag or resize the window outside of the application's boundaries.

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