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VIBlend Silverlight Controls for Windows Phone 7

More than 20 easy to use Silverlight controls for Windows Phone 7. VIBlend Controls for Windows Phone 7 includes essential UI controls like buttons, list boxes, layout panels, mask editors and navigation panes. Download a fully functional Free trial today.
Button, ToggleButton, RepeatButton, SplitButton, DropDownButton, RadioButton, CheckBox
ListPanel and DockPanel
Navigation Pane
TextBox, Mask Edit, Currency Edit, Spin Edit, DateTime Edit, AutoComplete
GroupBox, ProgressBar, Slider, ColorPicker, Palette
Windows Phone 7 Silverlight GroupBox Control Windows Phone 7 Silverlight DateTime Editor Control
Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Navigation Pane Control Windows Phone 7 Silverlight ListBox Control
Requirements and compatibility
Operating System: Windows 7
IDE: Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone
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